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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign my contract?

Please sign onto WP Connect and click the "Notifications" menu item (under your Name) at the upper right corner to access. Please note that failure to acknowledge your contract will result in a delay of payroll processing. Any questions, please contact your department secretary.

I taught last semester and I have not been offered a letter of appointment contract for the following semester. I wish to request written notice that I will not be receiving such an offer. What should I do?

Contact your department secretary to provide you with this letter.

When do I get paid? 

The Adjunct Faculty Pay Schedule can be found here

What are the Adjunct Faculty rates per teaching hour? 

Rates until 08.31.2022: 

  • Adjuncts who have taught 1-12 semesters are paid at $1630.00/credit. 
  • Adjuncts who have taught 13 or more semesters are paid at $1680.00/credit. 

Rates beginning 09.01.2022: 

  • Adjuncts who have taught 1-12 semesters are paid at $1705.00/credit. 
  • Adjuncts who have taught 13 or more semesters are paid at $1755.00/credit. 

I did not receive a pay check - what should I do?

Your department secretary is the first point of contact for help in determining the reason for delay of anticipated payment. Department secretaries can review your contract status and may also liaise with the Payroll Department. 

How can I enroll in direct deposit? Where can I access my W2 form?

Please click here to learn how to enroll in direct deposit, access your tax forms, view and update voluntary and involuntary deductions, and take a tour of your pay statement.

Where can I find information related to my bargaining unit?

Please click the following links for information regarding your Union Contract and Union Officer listing

What benefits are available to me?

Please visit these links to learn more about employee paid coverage in the State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) for part-time employees, as well as Tuition Assistance Programs and pension plans for Adjunct Faculty.

Certain employees may be eligible for New Jersey Paid Sick Leave. Please visit this link to learn more. 

We encourage you to explore the many Perks and Employee Discounts that comes with your employment!

Where can I find a list of the tools and technology available?

Click here to find information related to Teaching and Research Support, accessing WP Connect and Banner Self Service, and more!