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April 2 to May 5, 2018

EXPLORATIONS is the University’s expanded and enhanced series of programming in April that celebrates and highlights the depth and quality of research, scholarship, and creative expression that exists throughout the William Paterson community.  The length of this year's program has been expanded to the start of WP's exam period.

EXPLORATIONS also provides the opportunity to bring together other events and activities from across the William Paterson community that showcase the outstanding work of our faculty and students. 

EXPLORATIONS 2018 confirmed activities are here.

Partner Programs

Do you have a research, scholarly or creative activity or event that you feel may fit under the EXPLORATIONS umbrella? Eligible program include seminars and conferences, invited an outside speakers, end-of-year student capstone presentations, or films, performances or exhibitions that fits under the broad to join as a partner with EXPLORATIONS.  Activities that occur before the start of the exam period that begins May 5, 2018 can be included.  

Partner programs will be sent an EXPLORATIONS 3-leaf logo for inclusion on any related flyers or programs and the activity will be listed and promoted with other EXPLORATIONS activities.

Poster Presentations

Interdisciplinary posters sessions will be Tuesday in the Science Hall Lounge and Thursday in Ballroom B.  Both sessions are from 12:30 to 1:45.  

Interdisciplinary Presentations

 EXPLORATIONS is introducing sessions for faculty, students and others to present on their research, scholarship and creative expression.  These sessions will be interdisciplinary with presenters scheduled at a time when it best suits them but there may not be others from the same College or discipline or be thematically similar.  These are not the same as the sessions sponsored by a College, a committee like Technology Across the Curriculum or the Honors College presentations.  

Recognizing RSCE at WP  

The presentations and activities included in EXPORATIONS represent the research, scholarly and creative (RSCE) pursuits of WP’s faculty, students or others.  Core activities include sessions sponsored by WP’s colleges, departments or committees, Honors Week events, the Undergraduate Research Symposium, and the Cheng Library Authors Reception.  We encourage anyone who has developed an RSCE-related seminar or conference, invited an outside speaker, organized an end-of-year student capstone presentation, or scheduled a film, performance or exhibition to join as a partner with EXPLORATIONS.

EXPLORATIONS was known as University Research and Scholarship Day, and then Week, from 1999 to 2015.