DegreeWorks Upgrade (Faculty, Advisors & Staff)

What Has Changed?

  • On the new dashboard, DegreeWorks requirement "blocks"/sections are more defined.  
  • The new dashboard is mobile device friendly. 
  • The view of requirement section blocks can be expanded or collapsed. 
  • Completed section blocks are now indicated with green “Complete”

  • Incomplete sections are now indicated with red “Incomplete”

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    Accessing DegreeWorks from WP Connect

    Student Tools.png

    • Use the Degree Evaluation link under Student Tools in your Faculty & Advisors Tab


    • Enter the student's student id number and the term into the advisor dashboard and click the graduation cap icon under toggle options

    Understanding Degreeworks

    Below is an overview of the new DegreeWorks Dashboard 

    • Once you login to WP Connect, you will find DegreeWorks in your Faculty & Advisors Tab under the Student Tools heading.
    • Enter the student ID or use the advanced search to search by name.
    • Be sure to familiarize yourself with the legend icons at the bottom of the worksheet. Please note, if a student has more than one major with differing degree types, for example, a BA and a BS you will need to toggle between the degrees through the degree dropdown at the top of the worksheet.

    View Student Records 1.png

    View Student Records 2.png

    • The top information block shows a summary of the student information, including program, registration pins, student attributes, scanned transcripts, and holds that may prevent registration.

    Degree Requirements Section1.png

    • You can view placement test scores as well as degree and total required credit progress bars that differentiate between progress towards degree requirements and overall credit requirements. All students pursuing a BA, BS, or BM are required to complete 120 credits and BFA 129 credits.
    • The next block shows a detailed breakdown of program and university requirements, including University Core Curriculum or UCC, major, minor, GPA, and world language.

    Degree Requirements Section.png

    Students must complete placement exams to determine if they need first -year foundations. Click here for more information about foundations requirements:

    Foundations Requirement.png

    The next several blocks show UCC requirements. Please note that each requirement includes hyperlinks with the most current semester course options for that area. If a student has an AA or AS degree they should have the attribute in the top block and the only UCC that should appear is one upper level writing intensive. Some majors but not all also include a prerequisite block towards the top of the worksheet.


    Each requirement includes hyperlinks.


    Click on the hyperlink to view the most current semester course options for that area.


    The world language block displays the world language requirement, refer to the link for specific requirements and keep in mind that placement testing is required: Click here for more information about the World Language requirement, including placement testing.

    World Languages Requirement.png

    View the block or blocks for majors and if applicable minors. Notice courses and elective requirements are also hyperlinked to current semester options. Remember, courses may apply to several requirement areas within the worksheet but each course is only counted once towards the total overall credit.

    Major Minor Requirements.png

    The worksheet displays free-elective courses that apply to the overall credit total. You can also view any courses that do not apply to the degree in the grades not applicable toward degree section.

    Free Electives And Not Counted.png

    Keep in mind that in-progress courses are calculated into the total overall credit in DegreeWorks.

    In Progress.png

    Both advisement notes and review of application for graduation notes are viewable by the advisor and student at the bottom of the worksheet.


    Click the mail icon to email your advisee.

    Email Advisee.png

    For a STEP by STEP breakdown of how to process WHAT-IF Evaluations click: here 

    • Once you have pulled up a student worksheet in degree works and noted their catalog year, locate the “What-If” link below the top block and click the text.
    • Do not click “Use Current curriculum” unless you are planning courses for the current program.
    • Catalog Year:
      • Choose the student’s catalog year from the drop-down. It will default to the current year in What-If.
      • If the student is thinking of adding a major or minor that is new or did not exist during their catalog year you will need to select the most recent catalog year to view requirements (i.e. 2023-2024).
    • Keep in mind that the first program will drive the UCC requirements.
    • OL indicates WP Online programs.
    • Reset will clear What-If selection(s).
    • The What-If view will remain on the screen even when you search for a new student.
      • When you are finished with viewing a What-If be sure to click “Academic” to go back to the degree audit.
    • Go to the Faculty & Advisors tab on WP Connect. Under Student Tools and select Degree Evaluation.
    • Enter student ID or do an advanced search and enter the student’s name.
    • Once the student worksheet appears click the icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
    • Select Notes.

    Enter Note.png

    • Select ADD A NEW NOTE


    • Add a note in the description box. You can also check the Not available to student box if you choose.

    Save Note.png

    • Close the notes box and the new note will appear at the bottom of the worksheet. 

    Each time you view a student in DegreeWorks be sure to refresh and process a new worksheet to ensure you are viewing the most current information. The last audit box should reflect the current date.

    Update Recent Changes.png

    • Select Prior Transcripts from the Links Tab.


    • Click Display Document to view each scanned transcript.