Executive Board

Meet Us


Michael Jacobsen


Email: jacobsenm1@student.wpunj.edu 

Ext: x2697

The SGA President provides centralized administration for student affairs, to function with administration and faculty in the execution of programs and policies in the best interests of the students.


Teddy Lockhart

Vice President of Judicial Review Board

Email: lockhartt1@student.wpunj.edu 

Ext: x3256

The Vice President of the Judicial Review Board serves as the chairperson of both the Judicial and Stipend Review Boards, acts as parliamentarian during senate meetings, oversees the running of nominations and elections process, serves as the governing custodian of the SGA governing documents.


Danni Yearicks

Executive Vice President

Email: yearicksd@student.wpunj.edu  

Ext: x3255

The purpose of the Executive Vice President is to facilitate the transaction of business at the Senate meetings, coordinate and supervise the activates of standings and ad-hoc committees, oversee club council, host Executive board meetings, and adopt policy pursuant to Senate approval.


Yahaira Santos

Vice President of Allocations

Email: santosy8@student.wpunj.edu

Ext: x3675

The Vice President of Allocations manages all financial matters for the SGA, including monitoring funded events for all clubs and organizations on campus.


Na'syah Coley

Vice President of Public Relations

Email: coleyn1@student.wpunj.edu 

Ext: x3254

The Vice President of Public Relations provides an open forum for students to plan and promote SGA affairs, promote Senate vacancies & recruit students to join Student Government. The VP of PR also creates new ways to promote a positive public image of the SGA.


Emily Martinez

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Email: martineze40@student.wpunj.edu

Ext: x3256

The Vice President of Academic Affairs addresses the academic and educational concerns of students, and to make recommendations regarding the university’s academic policies.


Parineeta Katti

Vice President of Student Life

Email: kattip@student.wpunj.edu 

Ext: x3177

The Vice President of Student Life advocates for the needs of students in all areas of student life. These areas include, but are not limited to food on campus, public safety, residence life,  & commuter services.