Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology Honors Track

 The Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology Honors Track offers you advanced knowledge in both brain-behavior relationships, and training in clinical skills and Interventions  as well as Mentoring in conducting research using state of-the-art facilities.

The track is particularly relevant to students interested in:

clinical psychology


cognitive neuroscience

brain-behavior relationships

understanding neurologic and neuropsychiatric disorders

 disorders of communication

 health care and wellness

 implicit processes

cognition and awareness


cognition and physiology

 neurologic and philosophical perspectives on awareness and consciousness


The track culminates in a research thesis that is developed in collaboration with faculty member. Examples of research projects and topics include: neurodevelopmental disorders, meditation, autism, information processing in the bilingual brain, memory and executive function in healthy and in clinical populations, depression/anxiety ADHD, gaming, novelty and sensation seeking and art therapy.  For the next project…..Use  your imagination.

Description: What is Unique About this Program

This track emphasizes the development of  basic and clinical knowledge and skills under the mentoring of licensed clinicians as well as the development of research competencies. The track provides a foundation for enhancing your understanding of core concepts and models of human function and dysfunction, mechanisms underlying various disorders, assessment procedures, and treatment  techniques and interventions.

Why Apply to the “Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology Honors Track”

  • research opportunities in laboratory and/or community-based settings
  • clinical training  and experience in a clinical teaching suite.
  • mentoring in all phases o the research process (e.g., writing, statistics and methodology).
  • opportunities  to publish, present and participate in regional and national conferences.
  • peer support from talented and motivated students
  • faculty-student interactions  and professional mentoring that will provide a  competitive advantage for gaining admission to graduate and professional schools
  • honors designation on diploma/transcripts

Special Resources and Opportunities

  • research opportunities in laboratories  and/or community-based settings
  • clinical training skills provided in a new clinical teaching suite with  audio-video monitoring capabilities.
  • testing room with extensive assessment material and media

Entrance Requirements

  • Minimum Overall Grade Point Average: 3.25
  • Personal Statement
  • Major: Flexible with appropriate background

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Office: Science Hall, Room 2062B

Phone: (973) 720-3400


Director of the Honors Track

 Bruce J. Diamond, M.Ed., Ph.D.

B.A. The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

M.Ed. Smith College, Northampton, MA

Ph.D. University of Manchester, Manchester, UK

Licensed Neuropsychologist (NJ)


Specializes in clinical neuropsychology, neurorehabilitation and cognitive neuroscience. His research paper-pencil, computer-based measures and brain imaging/ autonomic techniques in order to examine memory, executive function, attention, information processing and mood in clinical (organic brain disorders) and healthy populations. A practicing clinician, he has published extensively and presented at numerous national and international conferences.

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