Name PositionOfficePhoneEmail
Faculty & Staff
Dr. Janet Ahn   Science East 2045F x3394 ahnj9@wpunj.edu
Dr. Jane Austin   Science East 2033 x2472 austinj@wpunj.edu
Dr. Michele Cascardi Graduate Director of PsyD Program Science East 2051 x3323 cascardim@wpunj.edu
Dr. Megan Chesin   Science East 2054 x3393 chesinm@wpunj.edu
Dr. Bruce Diamond   Science East 2062B x3400 diamondb@wpunj.edu
Dr. Justina Ekeocha Assistant Chair & Advisor in Chief Science East 2062A x3398 ekeochaj@wpunj.edu
Dr. David Freestone
Science East 2055 x2643 freestoned@wpunj.edu 
Dr. Megan (Geerdts) Conrad
Science East 2053 x3318 geerdtsm@wpunj.edu
Dr. Michael Gordon Department Chair Science East 2062C x3345 gordonm10@wpunj.edu
Dr. Elizabeth Haines   Science East 2038 x2500 hainese@wpunj.edu
Dr. Thomas Heinzen   Science East 2035 x3402 heinzent@wpunj.edu
Dr. Christian Holle   Science East 2036 x3401 hollec@wpunj.edu
Dr. William Indick Psychology Program Coordinator for WPU at Mercer Science East 2049 x3936 indickw@wpunj.edu
Dr. Neil J. Kressel   Science East 2039 x3389 kresseln@wpunj.edu
Dr. Amy Learmonth   Science East 2057 x2765 learmontha@wpunj.edu
Dr. Gloria Leventhal-Caulfield   Science East 2056 x3396 leventhalg@wpunj.edu
Dr. Pei-Wen Winnie Ma Graduate Director of MA Program Science East 2058 x3403 map@wpunj.edu
Dr. Katherine Makarec   Science East 2052 x3390 makareck@wpunj.edu
Dr. Jan Mohlman   Science East 2042 x3397 mohlmanj@wpunj.edu
Dr. Robin Nemeroff
Science East 2060 x2249 nemeroffr@wpunj.edu
Dr. Natalie Obrecht   Science East 2059 x2683 obrechtn@wpunj.edu
Dr. Sumithra Raghavan   Science East 2050 x3317 raghavans@wpunj.edu
Dr. SoYon Rim   Science East 2037 x2951 rims@wpunj.edu
Dr. Aileen Torres
Science East 2045E x3391 torresa72@wpunj.edu
Dr. Kathleen Torsney   Science East 2032 x3395 torsneyk@wpunj.edu

Dr. Sherle Boone (faculty emeritus)

Dr. Judy Green (faculty emeritus)

Dr. Behnaz Pakizegi (faculty emeritus)

Mr. Barry Silverstein (faculty emeritus)

Dr. Daniel Sugarman (faculty emeritus)

Ms. Dolores Oertel Secretary Science East 2061 x2148 oerteld@wpunj.edu

Name PositionOfficePhoneEmail
PsyD Program Adjunct Faculty
Dr. Diana Boschulte

Dr. Nicole Colombino

Dr. Erik Dranoff  

Dr. Eileen Farrell

Dr. Jax Gallios  

Dr. Caren Jordan  

Dr. Kelly Kearns

Dr. Joseph McGowen

Dr. Lynn Orr

Dr. Glen Sherman