Cognitive Science Honors Program

 There is an Honors Program in Cognitive Science!

Cognitive Science is an interdisciplinary study of the mind/brain. It brings together the following disciplines: Psychology, Anthropology, Neuroscience (including Neurobiology, Neuroanatomy, and Neurophysiology), Computer Science, Philosophy and Linguistics. The purpose of combining study and research in several fields is to support interdisciplinary cooperation in solving different problems about the structure and function of the mind/brain

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Contact Dr. Amy Learmonth, Cognitive Science Honors Track Coordinator at for more information.

Benefits of the Honors Cognitive Science Program

  • The program will allow the development of a peer group for students who share an interest in how the mind works.
  • The interdisciplinary approach will provide the student with a broad general education base of knowledge.
  • The program will act as preparation for entry into graduate school in Cognitive Science and or the major of study. The thesis will provide the students with a competitive edge in gaining entry into a graduate program.
  • Students will develop working relationships with faculty members. This will allow the faculty member to write a more specific and cogent letter of recommendation for the student.
  • Students will actively build their curriculum vitae by presenting their work in various settings such as the Northern New Jersey Undergraduate Research Conference.
  • Students will extend their knowledge by their original research. They will directly apply their knowledge and skills in the writing of their thesis.
  • The program will promote a climate where thought and discussion are encouraged.
  • The program will provide students with a competitive edge in today's job market. Students will learn a variety of critical and analytic skills as well as a honing of their communication skills, all of which will assist them in their future career endeavors.


2015 Cognitive Science Honors Students with Advisors