Research Labs

Information about more faculty labs will be forthcoming. 

Sona Systems

Log into Sona Systems to participate in a research study.  For information about using Sona Systems see this video tutorial.  To learn how to use a researcher account, see this tutorial and document guide.

Sona Systems Trouble Shooting Tips:

You completed your study and have not yet received credit. It may take up to 2-weeks to receive credit for the study you completed. Please be patient, and reach out again if you have not received credit after 2-weeks have passed. 

If you have been locked out of your account. The most common reason for being locked out of your account is because you no-showed for a study. If this happened, please contact the researcher of the study that you no-showed and kindly ask them to unlock your account.

You cannot sign up for studies. If there are no available time slots for studies, please try clicking a different day to view different time slots.

If you are having trouble logging in.  Please double check to make sure you are using the same email that you used to create your account (e.g., your WPU email).