Department of Languages and Cultures


The Department of Languages and Cultures provides the opportunity for degrees at the BA or the MEd levels. Students take courses in second or foreign languages from basic to advanced levels. In addition to languages, the department has developed several programs in the literatures and cultures of the Spanish and French speaking worlds. 

Learn more about each of our programs:

  • BA in Asian Studies - East Asian concentration
  • BA in Asian Studies - South Asian concentration
  • BA in Asian Studies - Chinese Language Track
  • BA in Asian Studies - Japanese Language Track
  • BA in Latin American and Latino Studies
  • BA in Spanish
  • Minor in Asian Studies
  • French and Francophone Studies Minor
  • Minor in International Cinema
  • Minor in Latin American and Latino Studies
  • Minor in Linguistics
  • Minor in Spanish
  • Minor in Spanish for the Professions
  • Minor in World Literature
  • MEd in Curriculum and Learning
  • Graduate Certification Program: Bilingual
  • Graduate Certification Program: Teaching English as a Second Language

A BA degree in languages and cultures gives students competence in a foreign language and familiarity with foreign cultures. These qualities make graduates competitive hires in companies with international interests. The MEd degree and the various certifications offered by the department prepare graduates to become teachers in a variety of language subjects, many of which are in high demand in the state of New Jersey.