5-year BA/MFA degree

The Department now offers an accelerated BA/MFA program that allows high-achieving students to complete a BA degree in English (Writing Concentration) and an MFA in Creative & Professional Writing in five years. Designed to hone essential creative writing skills and nourish talent in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, professional writing and more, the program prepares students for real-world work in teaching, writing, editing, and publishing.

  • The Bachelor of Arts in English (Writing Concentration) gives students a strong foundation in literary and cultural analysis as well as in various forms of writing—from the critical to the creative. Students read great works of the literature while developing their own writing skills, both practical and innovative.
  • The Master of Fine Arts in Creative and Professional Writing hones skills in poetry, novel writing, short fiction, memoir, literary biography, film/theater scripts, cultural studies, and professional writing. The program includes intensive writing workshops, contemporary literature courses, and a pedagogy and/or an internship component, and culminates with an 8-credit thesis project—a substantial manuscript of publishable quality. The MFA's rigorous course of study prepares students for a wide variety of careers, including teaching, publishing and editing, copywriting, public relations, and professional nonfiction writing.

How the Five-Year Program Works

Students save the tuition cost of four courses (12 credits) of study and make a huge stride toward their MFA degree even while they are finishing up their bachelor's.

Students completing the BA/MFA program will complete a traditional undergraduate experience with 36 undergraduate credits in English (Writing Concentration) and 120 credits overall, applied toward their baccalaureate; they will also complete all the MFA degree requirements, including the 8-credit thesis project, that are required of our traditional MFA students.

This BA/MFA program allows students to double count 12 graduate credits, using those credits for both their undergraduate and graduate degrees; in other words, students taking the accelerated degree program reduce the number of baccalaureate courses by taking four graduate courses in their senior year. Students save the tuition costs of four courses (12 credits) of study and make a huge stride toward their MFA degree even while they are finishing up their bachelor’s.

Incoming and transfer students, click here to begin your application.  Choose "English - Creative Writing - BA" from the program list; then, one question further down, indicate that you are interested in one of our accelerated programs (by clicking on 'yes') and choose "English Writing BA and Master of Fine Arts in Creative and Professional Writing."

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Current WPU students, please contact Prof. Parras for information on joining the program.

Click here for more detailed information or simply contact John Parras at parrasj@wpunj.edu or at 973-720-3067.