Congratulations to all of our psychology students who received an award in May 2023!

Sidal Yurt - Excellence in Academic Achievement Award

Jordyn Rush - Excellence in Academics, Research, and Service Award

Tricia Calabrese - Outstanding Academic Achievement and Research Award

Haley Schweitzer - Outstanding Academic Distinction Award

Lindsey Bishop - Academic Excellence Award

Christian Ortiz - Paul P. Vouras Social Sciences Award

Alyson Harden - PsyD Excellence Award

Kimberly Perez-Lucero - Excellence in Graduate Studies Award

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Social Media, Political Dysfunction, and Wellbeing: Psychological Perspectives

Watch here:

The Psychology Department at William Paterson University hosted the screening and discussion of Vitriol, a short documentary by Mark Clauburg that looks at the effects of social media interactions on the political environment and mental health in the United States. Mark Clauburg joined experts in cyberpsychology, social psychology and developmental psychology to answer questions and make recommendations for healthy social media use and individual and relational wellbeing. Mark Clauburg is the screenwriter and director of There's something wrong with Paul (2022), Vitriol (2021), and other short films produced by Grey Machine Films. Dr. Julie Ancis is Distinguished Professor, Chair of the Department of Informatics, and Founding Director of Cyberpsychology at New Jersey Institute of Technology. Dr. Elizabeth Haines is a social and personality psychologist and international expert in the science of implicit bias. She is an experimental social psychology professor at William Paterson University. Dr. William Indick is Associate Professor of Psychology at William Paterson University and author of Movies and the Mind, The Digital God, and Media Environments and Mental Disorders.