Faculty & Research Interests


Jane Austin, Ph.D. 

B.A. Plymouth State College, Plymouth, NH
M.Ed. Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Ph.D. New York University, NY, NY
Licensed Psychologist (NY)
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC-NJ)

As a practicing clinician, Dr. Austin specializes in health psychology, trauma, women and relational issues.  Her research focuses on the development of psychological interventions for cancer patients, stress and coping, women's sense of self in relationships, attachment, and reslience.  She has published research in peer-reviewed journals and has presented at national conferences.

E-mail: austinj@wpunj.edu
Office: Science Hall, Room 2033
Phone: (973) 720-2472   

Pei-Wen Winnie Ma, Ph.D.

B.A. University of Washington, Seattle, WA
M.A. University of Maryland, College Park, MD
Ph.D Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY
Licensed Psychologist (NY)

 Dr. Ma uses qualitative and quantitative methods to study parent-child relationship, career development and mental health concerns within a multicultural context. Her research program has implications to advance the theory and clinical services for ethnic minority groups and immigrant children, youth and families. As a practicing clinician, she works closely with the Chinese immigrant community in New York City. She has a number of publications and has presented at numerous national conferences.

E-mail: map@wpunj.edu
Office: Science Hall, Room 2058
Phone: (973)720-3403;


Sumithra (Sumi) Raghavan, Ph.D.

B.A., New York University, NY, NY
Ph. D., Fordham University, Bronx, NY
Licensed Psychologist (NY)

Dr. Raghavan specializes in clinical psychology with expertise in trauma and multicultural issues. Her research focuses on understanding cross-cultural differences in psychopathology. Dr. Raghavan has published several manuscripts on this topic and has presented at national conferences.  She also maintains a private psychotherapy practice working with adults and adolescents.

Email: raghavans@wpunj.edu
Office: Science Hall, Room 2050
Phone: 908-720-3317  

Kathleen Torsney, Ph.D.

B.A. Georgetown University, Washington, DC
M. Ed. Columbia University, NY, NY
Ph.D. Columbia University, NY, NY
Licensed Psychologist (NJ, NY)
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC-NJ)

Specializes in gerontology, addictions, serious and persistent psychiatric disorders, and neuropsychology. A practicing clinician, she has also published and presented at national and international conferences.  Her research focuses on issues in health and rehabilitation psychology and topics such as coping with acquired brain injuries, providing effective assessment and rehabilitation techniques to persons with neurological disorders, attitudes toward infertility and adoption, and stress, coping, and compassion fatigue in academic and occupational settings.

E-mail: tornseyk@wpunj.edu
Office: Science Hall, Room 2032
Phone: (973) 720-3395;

Gihane Jérémie-Brink, Ph.D.

B.A., Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI
M.A., Loyola University Chicago, Chicago, IL
Ph. D., Loyola University Chicago, Chicago, IL

Dr. Jérémie-Brink research focuses on cultural issues pertaining to couples, racial and ethnic socialization processes, and the ways in which the family environment impact adolescent psychological well-being and identity development. She has published several articles and presented at numerous international and national conferences in the areas of multicultural competence, family functioning, socialization messages, Black family dynamics, racial and gender stereotypes, and psychological well-being of ethnic minority adolescents and emerging adults. Dr. Jérémie-Brink was recently awarded the Jeffery S. Tanaka Memorial Dissertation Award in Psychology. In addition, during her graduate studies she was a predoctoral American Psychological Association Minority Fellow and through this fellowship, she was selected to serve as an APA Minority Fellow Health Policy Intern at SAMHSA (Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration).


Aileen Torres, PhD

B.A. Boston University, Boston, MA

M.A. Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY
Ph.D Carlos Albizu University, San Juan, Puerto Rico (PR)
Licensed Psychologist (NJ and PR); NJ Endorsed Infant Mental Health Clinical Mentor, Level IV

Specializes in trauma, family therapy, parenting and cultural adaptation. Her clinical work has focused on immigration-related forensic evaluations, early childhood mental health, trauma-focused treatment, and Latino/a mental health. Research interests include practice-based barriers to treatment, sexual abuse, bicultural identity integration, and bilingual psychological evaluations. 

 E-mail: torresa72@wpunj.edu Office: Science Hall East, Room 2045e Phone: (973) 720-339

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