Program Structure

Program Structure
  • Total credits required to complete the M.A. degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology: 48
  • Students have the option of completing an additional 12 credits of elective courses in the summer if they wish to pursue master’s level state licensure (e.g. LPC, LMHC).
  • The program can be completed on a full-time basis (12 credits per semester) in two years or on a part-time basis in three to five years.
  • Graduation requirement include 600 hours of supervised fieldwork experience (practicum). Practicum experience are arranged individually based on students’ interest. 
The program will try to provide sufficient flexibility so that students can pursue a graduate education while they balance other roles in their lives. 
  • Courses will be offered in consecutive time slots 2-3 days per a week.
  • Classes are held mostly in daytime during the first year. In the second year, classes are offered in the afternoon and early evening.  

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