Internships & Job Settings

Our program trains master's level practitioners in the foundational skills that are applicable to a wide variety of impatient and outpatient clinical settings including hospitals, community mental health clinics, wellness centers, health maintenance facilities, local, regional, and international health care organizations, group homes, drug treatment facilities, rehabilitation centers, correctional facilities, and gerontology programs. Under proper licensed supervision, graduates of our program are able to conduct assessments; provide clinical and health-related services to individuals, groups, and families using appropriate diagnostic and intervention techniques; participate in institutional and organizational research projects at the Master's level and work on an elective basis with a variety of populations (e.g., chronic and acute diseases and disorders, children, adolescents, and the elderly, the severely mentally ill, the neurologically impaired, substance abusers, and others:.  It should be noted that in order to become a "Psychologist" a Doctoral-level degree is required and licensing by an appropriate state licensing board.